First semiminar of the Asia Institute Youth Climate Series

The Asia Institute had  the fisrt seminar of Youth Climate Series on 27th November , 2021.

The topic was “COP26: Promises and Practicalities”.

Poster of First Asia Institute Youth Climate SeminarIn this event, we had a youth seminar in a couple of hours with John Feffer on post-Glasgow, climate, and policy.
We also talked about the policy outcomes of COP26 have left much to be desired for what is considered real climate ambition. More pledges and commitments were signed, yet key dialogues on adaptation, community resilience and, most alarmingly, corporate liability, remain frivolous and unholistic. As countries head towards a true “climate emergency mode”, it is essential to strengthen the accountability of high-emission countries and private interests, while ensuring representation for the most vulnerable stakeholders at the negotiation table.
This policy dialogue titled “COP26: Promises and Practicalities”, invites some of the best perspectives in foreign policy and sustainable development to discuss the climate future in Asia. Jointly organized by the Asia Institute (Seoul, Korea) and Foreign Policy in Focus (Washington DC, US), the event features keynote speeches and youth-led discussion to reflect on the conference takeaways, US-Asia climate diplomacy and key adaptation issues, providing constructive guidelines to effectively “build back better” with Asia in mind.