Senior Associate Jin Kai publishes book “Rising China in a Changing World: Power Transitions and Global Leadership”

Asia Institute’s senior associate Jin Kai has published a new book on China’s impact in the world with Palgrave-MacMillan entitled “Rising China in a Changing World: Power Transitions and Global Leadership.”

Jin Kai considers the complex power relations between an increasingly powerful China and a United States whose global reach is declining. He suggests that there is a real possibility that the model for China’s rise is fundamentally different than previous great powers and that to the degree that the United States maintains its strong engagement with international institutions, a peaceful transition, and even cooperation, is possible.

The chapters are as follows:

Theoretical Review Through Power Transition Theory

How the Rise of China Will Be Different: Historical Analysis of Previous Power Transitions

Engaging China in International Institutions: Case Studies

Analytical Review of China’s Rise in the Contemporary World System

Further Discussion, Summary of Main Arguments, and Future Scenarios

rising china in a changing world