Asia Institute Seminar “The unexpected downturn in Korea-Japan relations ” Sept. 26


The Asia Institute


Institute for Policy Studies


“What went wrong?

The unexpected downturn in Korea-Japan relations and possible solutions” 


Thursday,  September 26, 2019


Institute for Policy Studies



Although the enhanced trilateral relationship between the United States, South Korea and Japan had become a popular theme in Washington over the last few years, the relations between these two countries appear to be burning up like the Amazon jungles these days. The decision of Seoul to pull out of the GSMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement) intelligence sharing agreement with Tokyo is but the latest in a series of blows that have damaged a previously solid consensus on trade and finance between the countries. The current hostilities have taken an unexpected turn for the worse that has created a cultural and institutional crisis.

In this seminar an outstanding panel of experts will consider what might be the deeper causes of the conflict. Can the fallout be traced back primarily to memories of the past, or are larger economic and geopolitical shifts primary? How far will the split go, and how is it tied to similar conflicts that are arising around the world as part of the great unraveling of established institutions and shared values?

Finally, we will consider what possible approaches there are might be for building a new consensus between these two countries, and in the region, so that we can move forward by diplomatic sublation.

Please join us for this seminar cosponsored by the Asia Institute and Foreign Policy in Focus. Your insights will be welcome.




John Feffer


Foreign Policy in Focus


Jenny Town

Managing Editor

38 North

Stimson Center

Stephen Costello


Asia East

Moderated by


Emanuel Pastreich


The Asia Institute



4:00-5:30 PM Thursday, September 26, 2019 @ Institute for Policy Studies (6th floor)

1301 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036