Report on Science Diplomacy Centers presented to Korea Foundation of Science and Technology Societies

The Asia Institute submitted a report detailing concrete recommendations for a possible Korean program for science diplomacy featuring science diplomacy centers that may be developed by the Korea Foundation of Science and Technology Societies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This project, sponsored by  Korea Foundation of Science and Technology Societies, involved a survey of best practices for science diplomacy in other nations and concrete proposals for innovative approaches that Korea can adopt to maximize its impact and respond to real needs. We stressed the need to customize such science diplomacy centers to the needs of regions, and countries, and to encourage exchange and an equal dialog on critical issues for our time.

Asia Institute director Emanuel Pastreich served as primary researcher and Asia Institute’s  Rachel L. Stine was research director. We thank assistant researchers Olga Krasnyak, Ibrihim Ahmaid & Kadir Ayhan for their help.

A seminar on the topic of science diplomacy is planned for February, 2018.