Launch of the Korea Peace Movement (March 12, 2016)

This evening was the historic launch of the Korea Peace Movement at W Stage @ Anguk. A group of forty thoughtful citizens gathered to pledge their support for peace on the Korean Peninsula, in Northeast Asia and throughout the world. As the director of the Korea Peace Movement Lakhvinder Singh noted, “Korea is known for war and tension today, but in the future it will be known as a place where people will come to learn about peace.”

Korean Peace Movement-02

The event started with a few remarks by our president Kim Hyunghyul and then a short speech by director Emanuel Pastreich about the tremendous risks posed today by the increasing militarization of Northeast Asia in recent months.

The group then lit two candles, red and blue, and prayed for one minute for world peace together. After that, the entire audience took out the paper doves that they had received and threw them up into the air to celebrate the hope for peace.


Kim Hyungyul, Lakhvinder Singh, Emanuel Pastreich.
Kim Hyungyul, Lakhvinder Singh, Emanuel Pastreich.

Dr. Singh then delivered at talk about the importance of a proactive pursuit of peace, quoting Gandhi’s concept of “waging peace.” He talked about the need for peace in every aspect of our lives and invited the audience to contribute their ideas and to join the groups of the Korea Peace Movement that have been formed to carry forth our mission.


The event ended with the founding members inspired and anxious to go out and recruit new members. All founding members were given a “Korea Peace Movement” T-shirt for their contribution.