About TAI

The Asia Institute is a think tank designed for a new age of open interaction and exchange between parties around the world, offering a platform to share wisdom and experience so that we can address the challenges of our time in a comprehensive and inclusive manner. We are not in the business of dispensing wisdom from an “advanced” West to a “developing” Asia. We are leading a balanced and equal dialog about the future of humanity the includes everyone.


TAI covers Asia not only in its seminars and reports, but engages at a much more deeper level by constant discussion with stakeholders at all levels across Asia about the critical issues of our time: the environment, the impact of technology on society, the future that our youth face and the changing nature of international relations. The Asia Institute is indeed a truly pan-Asian think tank.


TAI focuses on four interrelated issues that profoundly impact the entire world, but that have not been adequately addressed by most think tanks. We seek to interpret their significance and to plan for a global response through a collaborative dialog that involves a broad range of experts in many countries, especially in Asia.


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