Asia Institute  Seminar


“Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Seoul and the future of the Korean Peace Process”

Prof. Lakhvinder Singh
Korea Peace Program

Prof Emanuel Pastreich
The Asia Institute (Vice President, University of Brain Education)

Monday February 11, 2019
Time: 7-8:30 PM
Venue: The Commons Foundation

The award of the Seoul Peace Prize to India’s Prime Minister Modi suggests a new expansion of the discourse on peacebuilding on the Korean peninsula as part of a larger global effort. PM Modi’s visit to Seoul immediately before the Trump-Kim Summit in Danang is rapidly taking on tremendous geopolitical significance.
How might this occasion expand Indian engagement on the Korean peninsula and what directions might such engagement go. Although India has been a passive player on the Korean peninsula, it has a tremendous tradition of promoting global peace dating back to Gandhi, and before.

As a nation that has much experience with geopolitical complexities, but has objectivity relative to the issues in Northeast Asia, might India be able to offer a new perspective?

This seminar will consider concrete fields for cooperation where India can play more active on peacebuilding under the leadership of Modi.

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