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“A Dream of True Collaboration for Korea and Africa”


Friday, June 27, 2014


Haggai Kennedy Ochieng (Kenya)
Ph.D. candidate at Kyung Hee University

Joa Lee (Korea)
International Program Coordinator Kyung Hee University


Moderated by Emanuel Pastreich, Director of the Asia Institute


There is tremendous potential for collaboration between Africa and Korea that could contribute positively to the Earth’s future. Korea has a rich tradition of public planning, a wide range of technologies and a strong tradition of competence, hard work and professionalism. The nations of Africa also have much to offer Korea, not just in terms of natural resources, but also in terms of cultural diversity, sustainable lifestyles and new perspectives on self and society. The challenge is making sure that the collaboration between Korea and Africa can fulfill the dreams of both Koreans and Africans and lead to a truly win-win partnership. A young Korean with experience in Africa (Joa Lee) and an African with experience in Korea (Kennedy Ochieng) share their perspectives on the potential of the relationship and lead a discussion on this critical topic.

Sponsored by KISSA & The Asia Institute
Hongik Foundation


Friday, June 27, 2014
7 PM to 8:30 PM
Room M 502 (5th Floor)
Building M (Dongguk Gwan) 동국대학교 동국관(경영관) M동 5층 세미나실 M502호
Dongguk University
Building M (Dongguk Gwan) [labeled here at 경영관] (The building furthest to the left in this map).

Building M (Dongguk Gwan) [labeled here at 경영관] (The building furthest to the left in this map).