Director Pastreich statement for the “United States Re-Balancing in East Asia seminar”

The United States Re-Balancing in East Asia

March 26, 2014

Emanuel Pastreich


The Asia Institute


This seminar embodies the spirit behind our efforts at the Asia Institute to increase the commitment of the United States to East Asia over the long-term in a constructive and focused manner. We feel strongly that a pivot to Asia, a fundamental re-balancing of national priorities, is essential to the economic, political and security concerns of the United States, but we do not think that such a shift can take place as a result of moving around aircraft carriers or selling more missile defense technology to nations in the region. Only by building a deep human network that ties the United States to East Asia through person-to-person professional and personal relations over a lifetime can we hope to have any meaningful impact. Continue Reading

Seminar of Asia Institute and Seoul Metropolitan City

Director Emanuel Pastreich and Mayor Wansoon Park of Seoul gathered together on February 26 for a broad discussion of Korea’s potential and specifically the remarkable role that Seoul is playing as a center for innovation. The group of sixty or so civil servants from Seoul City Hall engaged in a lively discussion about how Seoul can serve as a leader in creating a new civilization for this age.

The occasion was the “Road of Books” reading group led by Mayor Park which had selected Emanuel’s new book “Another Republic of Korea” for this month’s discussion.

Emanuel presented a “Made In Seoul Declaration” in which he put forth a vision of Seoul as the leading city in the world that would empower its citizens to create their own environment.


메이드 인 서울 宣言



Pastreich and Park talking with employees of  Seoul City Hall.

Pastreich and Park talking with employees of Seoul City Hall.

Park and Pastreich talk about "Another Republic of Korea"

Park and Pastreich talk about “Another Republic of Korea”


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Security Implications of Korean Reunification Seminar (April 9, 2014)

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The Asia Institute


the Arirang Institute

“Security Implications of Korean Reunification”

April 9, 2014

3-5 PM


The prospect of a reunification of the Korean Peninsula has brought great enthusiasm to certain circles and raised the possibility that the security conundrum that has kept Northeast Asia from achieving

the integration that Europe has might at last be on the way to a solution. Yet any massive geopolitical transformation brings with it unanticipated consequences and risks. The nations surrounding North Korea have not reached a consensus on what a post-unification Northeast Asia would look like.


This seminar will explore the implications of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula for Northeast Asia and for the world, bringing together a group of experts to share their perspectives on strategic significance of reunification.


Panel Members:

Robert Collins

Retired United States Forces Korea


Chun In-Bum

Commander, Special Warfare Command

ROK Army


Daniel Pinkston

Deputy Project Director

North East Asia

International Crisis Group


Bryan Port

Command Senior Advisor

Strategic Communications

United States Forces Korea


Tak Sung-Han

Head of North Korean Research

Korea Institute for Defense Analyses


Emanuel Pastreich

Director, Asia Institute (associate professor, Kyung Hee University)



University of North Korean Studies (북한대학원)


As seating is limited, guests are encouraged to confirm their attendance in advance.

If you have any questions, please direct your inquiries to

The Asia Institute Seminar in Chinese: “The Reality of Education and the Future of our Youth” (April 5, 2014)

logo in Chinese 


”教育的现实 青年的未来“



时间: 3 PM – 6 PM  2014年 四月 五日 (星期六): 3 PM – 6 PM  2014年 四月 五日 (星期六)

场所场所::淑明女子大学淑明女子大学 百年纪念馆百年纪念馆 505 



教育的现实 青年的未来

教育在人类生活中扮演着重要的角色,是改变一个人最重要的后天因素。相信中国绝大部分市民都了解教育的重要性,愿意花费大量的时间,金钱在其之上,但是我们真正了解教育的本质吗?仅仅是培养一群高薪白领还是人性的认知?虽然中国经济有惊人的发展,教育仍然存在许多问题, 而有人说比以前差。在高考制度下,技术快速发展也影响到教育的价值.我们更像是流水线上的商品,机械化,标准化,统一化,失去了创作,探索以及求真的动力。这次研讨会我们将围绕中国教育的走向展开讨论,以人文,经济,社会趋势等多方面视角探讨。