The Asia Institute is the first truly pan-Asian think tank. A research institution that addresses global issues with a focus on Asia, the Asia Institute is committed to presenting a balanced perspective that takes into account the concerns of the entire region. The Asia Institute provides an objective space wherein a significant discussion on current trends in technology, international relations, the economy and the environment can be carried out.

In terms of trade, technology and finance, Asia is integrating at a remarkably quick pace these days. Although Asia is the intellectual, technological and financial hub of the world, the gap between the integration of Asia in terms of logistics, energy and finance and its slow emergence as a cultural and intellectual continuum is striking.


Research & Analysis

The Asia Institute works with its senior researchers, senior associates and partner institutions to engage experts and stakeholders around the world as we examine critical current issues. Our research is aimed at producing accessible, objective evaluations and meaningful suggestions and proposals to policy makers and citizens around the world.



The Asia Institute hosts small-scale seminars that engage stake holders and experts at the local level throughout Asia to discuss critical issues and propose concrete solutions. Larger international conferences and webinar events bring together experts and stakeholders from around the world.


Welcome from the Director

The Asia Institute represents a new era. No longer can think tanks merely dispense wisdom from the advanced West to a developing Asia. Today Asia has a wide range of assets and wisdom that the world needs and the time has come for a dialog between equals about the future of humanity. No longer are research institutes solely concerned with a single national agenda. The Asia Institute is truly international in perspective and actively seeks out the opinions and support of individuals and institutions across Asia and the world. Over the last five years the Asia Institute has offered a new space for honest dialog across the world on topics such as technology and society, integration and the emergence of new partnerships across Asia and the environment–critical topics that are often overlooked in fuss about Six Party Talks and Free Trade Agreements.


Unique Principles of the Asia Institute


A New Vision for Asia






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Long-term commitment


New paradigms for cooperation


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