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Giuseppe Sacco


Author of

Batman and Joker: Masks and Faces of America

(Editor in Chief, European Journal of International Affairs at European Centre for International Affairs)





Sunday, May 24th, 2015

4 PM

Dr. Sacco is one of Europe’s leading intellectuals, known for his willingness to challenge common assumptions about the nature of political and cultural power in this age of radical globalization. In his reading of the Batman series of motion pictures, Dr. Sacco draws attention to the immensely powerful discourse on self and society that unfolds with popular film, a locus for intense political debate which is not recognized by its viewers as anything more than simple entertainment. In this provocative talk, Dr. Sacco will present his insights into the Batman movies and the odd resonance between American and Korean popular culture.



@ Anguk W Stage (WCO)

(see map)

WCO Anguk

The Asia Institute & the Arirang Institute



“Green Detente:

Opportunities for North-South Environmental Engagement,”


Thursday, April 30

5:30 PM 

Korea University (room number to be announced) 



Opening Remarks: Zach Gottesman

Dr. Emanuel Pastreich | Asia Institute | Director
Dr. Hong Sang Jung | Korea Meteorological Administration | Vice Administrator
Dr. Bernhard Seliger | Hanns Seidel Foundation | Resident Representative
Ret. General Ki Ho Kim | Korea Green Peace Coalition | President

Michael Lammbrau, Arirang Institute, Seoul Bureau Chief (moderator)
Closing Remarks: William Dunkel

The Asia InstituteArirang Institute and The Korea Society will combine forces to present “Green Detente: Opportunities for North-South Environmental Engagement,” a discussion concerning potential collaboration and cooperation between North and South in the environmental sector. Might green initiatives for North-South engagement serve as a possible breakout strategy for overcoming the current stalemate? This seminar will bring together a group of experts with significant experience on the ground to provide insights into the present state of green collaboration and the potential for the future. The outstanding panel will offer a unique opportunity for dynamic and productive discussion. The seminar will be held on April 30th, 2015 at Korea University (location to be announced).