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Seminar at the Korean National Assembly

John Feffer

Director of Foreign Policy in Focus


“Splinterlands and possible scenarios for the Korean Peninsula”

Thursday, November 2, 3-5 PM

Conference Room #11

Presented by:


The Tomorrow, the Korean Study Group on Democracy and the Welfare State, Foreign Policy in Focus and the Asia Institute


Opening Remarks:


Choo Mi-ae

Leader of the Minjoo Party


In Jaegeun

Minjoo Party member of National Assembly and co-chairman of the

Korean Study Group on Democracy and the Welfare State


Moderated by

Raekyung Lee, President of The Tomorrow


Comments by Kim Sang-jun

Professor Public Policy at Kyung Hee University

Member of The Tomorrow





“The Crisis in Korean politics today”

Asia Institute Report

Emanuel Pastreich


October 13, 2017



Months of protests by a broad range of citizens groups and countless individuals, from elementary school students to seniors, resulted not only in the impeachment of a president, the launch of a serious investigation of the tragic sinking of the Sewol Ferry, serious charges brought against numerous individuals engaged in influence peddling and fraud and one of the most transparent presidential elections held in any country.

The ethical commitment of ordinary citizens in Korea has made a tremendous difference and the increasingly corrupt politics of ritual and back-room deals has been brought to the attention of the public in a manner that is both shocking and inspiring. At a time when citizens in the United States or Japan lament that they can do nothing to change their government, Korea has displayed that significant change and reform is possible. Korea not only is inspiring other nations not only through cultural productions like music and film, but also through political action and democratic vitality. Continue Reading