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Thursday, September 29
5:30-7:00 PM
Location: W Stage Anguk


“Korean and International Perspectives on journalism in Seoul”


Wang Son-Taek YTN
Don Kirk Fortune Magazine
Steven Borowiec Los Angeles Times



This seminar considers the evolving nature of journalism in Seoul today and its impact on global media. A group of Korean and international reporters will share their perspectives on how journalism is evolving in Seoul today, the impact of technology and globalization and the prospects for the future.

WCO Anguk


Wednesday, October 26
5:30-7:00 PM
W Stage Anguk


The future of North Korea and its implications for Northeast Asia


Discussion led by Wang Son-Taek (YTN Reporter & Asia Institute Senior Associate)

This seminar considers the actual state of North Korea in 2016, trying to get behind the myths and fantasies that have distorted our understanding of that country. The discussion will cover the history of North Korea, its current economic, political and cultural construction and its prospects for the future.


WCO Anguk